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Our school

MyLifeisPoleDance is not just a school where you train but is a family in which you grow as a person, training becomes a time to forget about everyday life, knowing yourself and dealing with other companions by helping each other, with progress.

Here, we have a trusted relationship with each student trying to understand the needs, skills, even difficulties of each individual person. Having a good time learning something different every day, letting yourself move from music to athletic gestures as art component, this is the formula of our lessons.

Our classes

  • Pole sport

    Increase strength,happiness, quickly burn calories and define your body, improves... Read More
  • Flexibility

    Flexibility has a significant impact on our body both in the aesthetic level if applied... Read More
  • High heels

    Do you want to feel feminine while you keep fit? This is your class, a moment to... Read More
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Pole dance Gorizia


"MyLifeisPoleDanceStudio" Gorizia works with distinct levels (beginner / intermediate / advanced), classes are open to people of both sexes and ages (8 years old), no sports background is required! Our academic year starts in September and ends in August with a short summer break and grows together! You work on flexibility, enhancement, technique, and choreography using dance elements. What makes the pole dance unique to any other sport is the achievement of a goal every day different, it can achieve incredible results on the physician in the shortest time having fun... For women it is a great way to emit Femininity! "MyLifeisPoleDanceStudio" is a family where a unique feeling is created, there is no envy and there is no competition, everyone works according to their physical possibilities but all come to the same goal, together they participate in sporting events. We know how to make a real show and this makes us unique giving us energy to improve!

Our instructors

  • Elisa Grudina

    Elisa Grudina, born in Gorizia, mom, graphic designer and instructor of Pole dance. I started my sporting career with artistic Read More
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    Working as family

    Training, fun and socializing

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    Technique, elegance and style

    Where strength meets with elegance, this is our method

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