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Reasons to start practicing pole dance

Are you curious about pole dance, but you don't feel ready? Your best friend asked you to try a lesson with her, but are you too shy?


Become stronger

To practice pole dance you don't need specific physical abilities or sport background. Someone will tell you that you must be strong or you need flexible body. That is not the case. As with all courses in pole dance, you start with basic lessons. You will develop the muscles necessary to become stronger and be able to make the figures on the pole. 


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You will gain confidence

Training in leg warmers, tops and bare feet gives you a wonderful feeling of freedom and confidence. Also dealing with other girls helps, because regardless of the body shape there will be figures that you will be able to do and others not.


You've always dreamed of dancing

We will not teach you dance steps, but you will have to move around the pole. The pole is like a partner supporting you in the movement and is always there with you. You will learn to dance without even realizing it..


Gain shape in no time

Say good-bye to the floppy arms and welcome two beautiful hard arms and straight shoulders. Your abdominal muscles will start to take shape and strength. In pole dance we work with our body weight similarly to exercise in the gym.


Does the gym annoy you? The pole dance will hardly do it.

In pole dance each lesson will challenge you with new figures to learn. The more you practice the easier it gets, so we increase difficulty. There are so many small goals that you will achieve in a short time with great satisfaction.. 



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