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How to tell friends that you practice pole dance?

Nowadays, it is well known that women can do whatever they put into their heads only if they believe in themselves.

So today we can have a career, family and at the same time practice pole dance ... Obviously with all the work and sacrifices that this involves in terms of time and organization of daily life.


I believe that it is important not what you say, but how you say it. 

Technique that is called "associative property" (in this case association of ideas). The steps are always the same, and you can use them to tell friends about your new hobby.

I usually take advantage of when they ask me what I did on the weekend:

  • "What did you do this weekend?" Me: "I did a couple of things... I trained..." The answer is always "And what did you train?".
  • me: "I danced." 100% response is "Ohhh nice! What kind of dance? ".
  • and here comes the phrase: "Acrobatics ... aerial dance". Most have confused look on their face.
  • while they are confused i give them an example (which confuses them even more eheheh) "Do you know Cirque du Soleil?" At 99% respond "Ohh yeah! I saw them ... " and everyone tells me a different city where they saw the show. I have never seen them in reality! But the association is made and if I see that they respond with enthusiasm then only at this point I mention the magic word "Pole";
  • me: "Yes, you know for now I'm focusing on a tool... the pole." But they are  thinking about Cirque du Soleil to associate the word "pole" with the lap dance as it usually is.
  • If I see that they are not ready to receive the "truth" because they do not know what the Cirque du Soleil is, next question is "So how do you practice acrobatic training?" But it's just to confuse them a bit -  now I am focusing on a tool: the pole!

"Having introduced the topic on demand, I answer many questions, such as the difference between pole dance, lap dance and exotic dance, trying to point out that the pole that we do is above all a great sport. My colleagues' response was better than expected and so many of my colleagues told me that sooner or later they will try it!

Studio Bodyguard Villesse - Gorizia